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Company History

The company was originally founded in Bergen, Norway during the early 1900's as an engineering blacksmiths which served the marine and agricultural industries. After developing the specialisation in stainless steel the business was relocated to England in 1978. At this point in time Petersen offered a standard range of stainless steel fittings and shackles for marine and industrial uses. Through specialising in the turning, upsetting and forming of stainless steel bar, a wide variety of products to customer specification were manufactured for use in other industries.


The business was bought by its present owners in 1980, and during the subsequent ten years the company focused on product development. Supplying stainless steel wire terminals (a related product to the stainless steel shackle) enabled Petersens to expand their market. This strategy proved to be very successful and consequently prompted the company to move to a larger modern manufacturing facility at Blaydon-on-Tyne in 1988.

The trend in modern architecture for light open spaces has increased the demand for stainless steel wire terminations and wire rigging techniques which are increasingly being used for such projects.

Early in 1993 Petersen introduced their range of high quality stainless steel rigging components. By marketing stainless steel wire terminations alongside the well established range of stainless steel shackles, Petersens could offer a better product package to their existing and new customers. The Hi-MOD compact adjuster range and the Hi-MOD registered trade mark were introduced during 1997. The new trade mark is used to consolidate all of the products into one quality product package.

Product Development became the main focus from 1998 onwards. Feedback from customers along with innovative ideas from the design team at Petersens saw the introduction of some unique products to the marine industry: The shake-proof shackle incorporating the smart-lock pin, a new design of lightweight marine turnbuckle body and lastly the shackle toggles were some of the new products introduced to meet customer demand.


Petersen's have now established themselves as one of the best and most innovative manufacturers of high quality stainless steel marine and architectural products in the world. With this in mind it became a new policy to extend the company's knowledge in the design, manufacture and application of their products and to extend the product range even further. Since the new policy was implemented, Petersens have introduced several new products lines (the unique compression terminals, shackle toggles, compression terminal repair kits, compression toggles, balustrading components and the green wall system).

A new research and development team was established who are now working in partnership with the Engineering Department of Hull University. Kevin Bell is heading the new team and is currently undertaking his PhD with Hull University in The Design and Analysis of Innovative Wire/Rod networks. It is without doubt that the knowledge and understanding brought about by this partnership and research will prove beneficial for the future of the industry.

We are continually developing our product range, always looking at new and innovative ways to make existing rigging products better and more cost effective. Since 2000 we have added six more product lines to our range: Hi-MOD Compression Terminals, Hi-MOD Wire & Rod Insulators, Hi-MOD E Type Safety Pin Shackles and the Hi-MOD "HR" Shackles, Hi-MOD Greenwall system and the Hi-MOD Ball System. We will continue to develop our range of products by listening to our customers and understanding their requirements. Through the continued support and development of our brand name Hi-MOD, and our reputation for high quality, efficient pricing and on-time delivery, we continue to grow from year to year.


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