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SBS450 Tie Bar Systems.

Tie Bars & Adjuster Forks

The Applications

Modern developments in construction technology have focused on the producion of light sturdy structures. Bar-braced structures are a key part of current systems and can be expected to further increase in relevence. It is our policy to be at the forefront of developing such economic and versatile technologies. By combining an understanding of the relevent aesthetic and scientific principles, we are able to provide elegant yet reliable solutions to tension member problems. The SBS450 system is made from high tensile 316 and other high grade materials resulting in extra strength and at the same time demonstrates design features such as the tapered locking nut which hides bar threads thus providing a clean appearance.

The System

The SBS450 tie bar system comprises of a bar with a left hand and right hand threaded SBS-450 fork at opposite ends. Once installed the bar can be rotated to expand or contract the fork’s pin centres. Special spanner flats can be added at the ends of the tie bars to facilitate rotation.

Once installed the forks are locked into position by tightening the tapered locking nuts using a ‘C’ pin spanner. The special tapered locking nuts also hide remaining bar threads. The forks benefi t from ‘Double Headed’ clevis pins which are fastened into position using a standard ‘Allen’ key.

Tie Bars, Pins & Nuts

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