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Technical Data Sheet Number 002
Thread Galling & Seizure.


Stainless steels rely for their corrosion resistance on a very thin passive (oxide) film. If the film is damaged in rubbing contact the underlying surfaces may weld together. This accounts for the seizing of threaded components in stainless steels. Lubricants, surface coatings and self-lubricating tool materials are possible solutions.

All threaded components are assembled by us with free running threads before they are despatched. We also apply a special telflon solution to the threads as they are assembled to assist free thread running.

The solution we use is called Interflon.

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Even though this is not a necessary additive it provides two main benefits :-

  1. The threads are lubricated by the solution and the small teflon particles in the solution help to minimise thread seizure.
  2. The consistancy of the solution prevents small particales from sticking to the threads and becoming trapped in threads as they are mated.

To minimise possibility of damage during transit these components may be packed un-assembled. All large threaded items are protected with PolyNet protection. This is a type of polyurathane webbing which covers and protects the thread.

PolyNet Thread Protection

To ensure threads remain free running they must be carefully stored in clean conditions, kept clean and undamaged durgin installation.

Impurities trapped in the threads and damage caused by careless handling can cause thread binding. When this happens it may become impossible to free them.


The ideas put forward here are methods which may be tried and may release seized threads depeneding on the level of seizure. They are not guaranteed to work

Whilst threading the components together, if the thread starts to stiffen due to impurities in th threads, then start to unwind the thread. Turn one full rotation out and then 1/2 rotation in. Continue to do this until the thread is released. Once the thread is released, clean the threads thouroughly.

Try to cover the threads with a thread lubricant, ie WD40. Leave to stand for 10-15 minutes and then ry to rewind the thread.




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