Proof Tested & Certified Stainless Steel Turnbuckles / Bottle Screws For Lifting

Every Petersen Stainless Steel Lifting Turnbuckle is proof load tested to 2 x WLL and certified at our manufacturing facility in the North East of England. All turnbuckles are manufactured in accordance with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and are marked with the test number and the CE mark. Each turnbuckle is supplied with a test certificate and CE instruction manual as standard.

All materials are European origin and are fully traceable. Material certificates and Certificates of conformity are available on request.

Petersen Stainless Steel Lifting Turnbuckles are supplied with inspection holes to check for minimum safe thread engagment. All turnbuckles with a 5/8" thread or larger are manufactured with bronze thread inserts to prevent thread galling. All Petersen Stainless Steel Lifting Clevis Jaws are machined from solid 316L stainless steel - NO WELDS. All Petersen Stainless Steel Certified Lifting Eyes are upset forged from 316L stainless steel for high strength and best corrosion and fatigue resistance.

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