Marine Shackles

Petersen Stainless has been producing shackles since day one and the special manufacturing processes we use allows us to make the best quality shackles available on the market today.

Forged stainless steel shackles are inherently stronger than cast ones (as most low cost shackles are) as they make use of grain structure from the drawing process used to produce the blanks. Electrical upset forging takes it one stage further by ensuring the grain flows around the shackle head to give maximum strength.

Furthermore, electrical upsetting does not result in further cold-work which results in benefits for fatigue and corrosion resistance. Upset forging is also extremely flexible. We can make shackles on a custom basis to customers requirements in small quantities with little or no tooling cost.

Petersen Hi-MOD stainless steel shackles are supplied as standard on backing cards. Each card details the product code, barcode, description, material and breaking load of the shackle. Shackles can be supplied bulk-packed for OEM customers - Please contact us for further information.