CE Marked, Tested & Certified Shackles

Petersen have manufactured tested & certified CE marked stainless steel lifting shackles for many years. Typically these shackles are used in safety critical applications in harsh operating environments such as offshore oil & gas, aerospace or the nuclear industry. Recently, more and more of our marine customers have been asking us if we can introduce the same level of certification for yachting. Most applications for a shackle on a yacht are safety critical & the marine environment is one of the toughest.

In actual fact it is already a requirement that all classified / codified vessels operating in European waters must have CE marked shackles in all lifting applications. This is to combat the increadibly dangerous use of imported cast shackles that are not fit for purpose.

All Petersen tested & certified shackles are forged at our factory in England from high-quality European stainless steel. We are the only stainless steel shackle manufacturer who:

  • Operate a full traceability quality system to the aircraft industry standard AS9100:C
  • Design & manufacture with a minimum 6:1 factor of safety
  • Individually proof-load test all shackles to 2 x WLL
  • Etch a unique test reference number on each shackle - this also appears on the EN10204 3.1 test certificate
  • CE mark stainless steel shackles & supply with safe usage instructions
  • The Petersen forging process gives you an increadibly strong shackle. As you can see in the image below, the grain structure of the high-strength drawn bar is preserved and contoured around the head. By not breaking grains as happens in the old-fashioned drop-forging process we can give you the best possible corrosion resistance and fatigue strength. Our minimum breaking loads are 6 times the WLL but in testing we regularly see shackles getting to 8 or 10 times the WLL before failure.

    All Petersen CE marked shackles are delivered to you with a certificate of test and examination EN10204 3.1 which states the identification number, date of manufacture, product code and description, date of test, applied load and traceability number. We can also provide you with material certificates and a declaration of conformity on request. Petersen certified shackles are also supplied with safe usage instructions.

    Petersen shackles are available with WLL up to 18t and can be supplied on backing cards for retail displays.

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