Swage Shroud Terminals

Petersen Stainless Rigging Ltd has been forging swage shroud terminals (spoon terminals) since they were first introduced to the market by Kemp Masts many years ago. The heads on our shroud terminals are forged from low-carbon 316L using the same technology we use to make our certified lifting shackles to give a superior grain-structure with excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance.

All Petersen swage fittings start life as bar one size larger than the pre-swage diameter. We do this to allow us to remove the surface layer of the material which often contains shallow longitudinal cracks which can open up on swaging if not removed.

Petersen forged swage shroud terminals are directly compatible with 840-style backing plates and are also able to work with many of the Tee backing plates currently in the market. We are currently designing a Tee terminal to offer full compatibility with 740-style backing plates and backing plates for these shroud terminals both of which should be ready early in the new year. The new backing plates will not require new rivet-holes to be drilled when replacing an existing 840-style backing plate nor will the mast require re-porting so your existing cutting templates will work fine.

Petersen swage shroud terminals are available for metric wire sizes 2mm to 12mm and imperial wire sizes 1/8" to 1/2".

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