We appreciate our apprentices!

We appreciate our apprentices

Some of our apprentices – old and new – and their mentors striking a pose for Petersen’s inaugural Appreciate your Apprentices Day

13th September 2018

September is a month of new starts, and it’s no different at Petersen, where our latest recruits are starting their apprenticeships with TDR Training.

We decided to mark this by holding an Appreciate your Apprentices Day last week, celebrating our apprentices at all stages – new starters, those who are part-way, recent completers, and those for whom their apprenticeship is a dim memory…!

It also gave us an opportunity to say thank you to the whole Petersen team who work hard to mentor and support our apprentices through their courses and beyond.

Kevin Bell, CEO of Petersen, said, “Doing an apprenticeship is a real commitment, combining real world work with challenging study. Today was a great way for us to recognise that commitment, and highlight the real contribution our apprentices make to Petersen. I was also keen to say thanks to the team leaders, supervisors and other colleagues who give their time and expertise willingly to help our apprentices develop and grow in their time with us.”

Petersen’s apprenticeship vacancies for 2018 have already been filled, with four new apprentices starting their courses in September meaning that for the year 2018/19, Petersen will have seven apprenticeships with TDR.

See www.tdrtraining.co.uk for more information on TDR and their courses.