Stainless Steel Tested & CE Certified Lifting Shackles

Petersen manufacture tested & certified stainless lifting shackles for the most demanding of environments and are a trusted and respected name in the dangerous North Sea Oilfield. We are rightly proud that companies such as AmSafe, RFD, BAE Systems, Donut International, Sonardyne, Franklin Offshore, Fendercare & Zodiac Milpro all benefit from our expertise in stainless lifting shackle manufacture.

Petersen tested and certified stainless steel lifting shackles are manufactured in the UK from high quality European stainless steel. All Petersen lifting shackles are manufactured in our stainless steel shackle forging facility. As a shackle manufacturer the Petersen quality system is ISO9001 and aerospace AS9100 certified giving full traceability on all stainless steel lifting shackles. Every stainless shackle is manufactured, proof load tested to 2 x WLL, marked with the proof-load test number and certified at the Petersen factory in the North East of England. All stainless steel tested & certified lifting shackles are CE marked in accordance with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and are supplied with safe usage instructions. Test & inspection certificates to BS EN 10204 3.1 are also supplied.

Petersen Stainless Rigging has been forging stainless steel shackles for over 100 years. As a manufacturer Petersen have full control of the entire shackle manufacturing process. It begins by sourcing the highest quality european stainless steel drawn bar stock. Drawn stainless bar is chosen because it gives the best and strongest grain structure. All Petersen Stainless lifting shackles are upset forge rather than drop forge to keep the grain flowing around the shackle head rather than splintering it. Keeping the long, as-drawn grain structure gives stainless steel shackles excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance and also results in the highest strength stainless lifting shackle in the market. All Petersen shackles are produced in this way.

The Petersen lifting shackle manufacturing technique is very flexible and custom shackles can easily be produced to your exact requirements in small batches at a relatively low cost. Petersen Stainless regularly produce custom stainless steel shackles for many diverse applications such as; aircraft evacuation slide shackles, cargo securing net shackles, parachute shackles, sonar array shackles, water pump chain shackles, desalination pump shackles and shackles for the nuclear industry. We once produced a shackle to lift an elephant!

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