Hi-MOD Failsafe Backstay Rigging Insulators

The only fail safe rigging insulator for wire available on the market today, the Hi-MOD backstay insulator has an internal ball socket in the main body. The nut is insulated from the stainless steel body by a Tufnol™ spacer, preventing electrical transference to the insulator body or opposite terminal. Should for any reason the Tufnol™ be compromised, the nut will bottom out against the stainless housing. While the backstay will loosen, the insulating studs will remain attached to the insulator body, allowing the rig to be re-tensioned until a repair can be made.

Available with Hi-MOD swageless compression terminals, swage terminals, rod sockets and eye, fork and toggle ends to suit any application. The insulators ‘Demis’ can be used in any combination for maximum flexibility. Swage stud insulators can be provided with the two demis not glued together, allowing them to be swaged with a WireTeknik swaging machine – a special puller is required. Please contact us for further information.

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